Listen to your Slack while you do awesome stuff.

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Stop looking at your screen. Listen.

  • 5 Different voices for your coworkers.

    Now your coworkers speak in up to 5, randomly assigned heavy-accented voices.
    Irish, British and a South African join your channnel. Sounds like a joke? Well, it's fun.

  • Autoplay mode

    You can set TeamParrot to automatically play all unread messages when you launch it. Just ask Siri to "Open TeamParrot" for full hands-free experience!

  • Full Slack sync

    Your read messages are marked in Slack so you can pick up where you left off. If TeamParrot reads only a portion - you will see the rest as unread in desktop or mobile app.

  • Free

    Totally, 100% free, without ads. I built this to learn React Native.

Why did you build this?

I work in a distributed company so every day brings a fresh wall of scrollback to go through. Keeping with every channnel is not possible, but even getting a vague sense of what's going on can help a lot. Being an optimization afficionado ( I hear that's what we call weirdos now ), I like to squeze as much as possible in every minute. Now I can listen to my coworkers while driving, having a walk or washing the dishes. Plus I really want to learn React Native ( the underlying technology ).

  • Now I can listen to Slack while I drive
  • My coworkers now have randomly-assigned voice. I find it funny.
  • I work from home and I can get the watercooler chatter this way. It's sad and comforting at the same time.
  • Try it!

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